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Claudias Weg zum Yoga

 Yoga is not touching your toes, it´s about what you learn on the way down.

I am the discoverer and creator of life. I am a woman who loves people and creating a space for them. I see beauty in breathing and movement. My story as a yoga teacher and lifelong student does not begin with rosy recognition. It begins with the twists and turns of life, which somehow led me on the yoga mat. Until today I have met there with a headstrong, happy, ambitious, overstepping, humble person and a thousand other faces of myself, and these meetings have brought recognition to my everyday life. They have been my support and life giving force in coming to the center of myself, to home.
In my class, you will find yourself discovering the power of your own body, feeling the muscles you may not have felt before and flowing with the rhythm of your breath asana to asana.
My biggest wish is that you also find the courage and strength to try. To breathe, to move, to laugh & to simply enjoy the flow.
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