RYT® 200hrs

Yogateacher Training

March 1st til October 5th 2025

With Kevin Beavers

Charting Your Yoga Journey

SHIVASLOFT Teacher Training, led by esteemed yoga teacher Kevin Beavers, opens its doors to you. Whether you are at the beginning of your yoga exploration, or looking to deepen your existing practice, our comprehensive program offers an essential framework to foster physical resilience and mental fortitude, helping you to discover the harmonious balance, renewing energy, and calmness that yoga consistently delivers.
Our training uniquely combines ancient yoga wisdom with contemporary insights into anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and movement. This blend of tradition and science is designed to enrich your understanding and experience of yoga, giving you a comprehensive perspective on the practice.
The curriculum we’ve thoughtfully put together encompasses key aspects of yoga practice, including asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. Our goal is to deepen your body awareness, enhance your overall fitness, and nourish your sense of well-being through a focused and holistic approach.
Whether you wish to begin exploring yoga, refine your existing practice, or aim to guide others on their journey through teaching, we welcome you. The SHIVASLOFT  Teacher Training offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the profound influence of yoga. So embark on this transformative journey with us, and experience firsthand the enriching and life-altering impact of yoga.

About your guide Kevin Beavers

Igniting passion for Yoga in every Asana
Meet Kevin Beavers, your guide on this transformative yoga journey. A passionate explorer of yoga since 1998, Kevin has studied a myriad of yoga styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, and predominantly Anusara Yoga. However, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, freedom, and exploration has steered him beyond the constraints of defined yoga styles. He presents a richly informed, non-dogmatic approach, incorporating the best elements from a broad spectrum of disciplines and drawing upon the latest movement concepts both within and beyond the yoga sphere.

Kevin’s passion lies in sharing insights from his personal journey, motivating yogis of all levels to delve deeper into the boundless depth of yoga. He excels in illuminating intricate details and facilitating significant transformations that come with a disciplined practice. Drawing parallels with his background as a professional musician, Kevin views yoga as an art of disciplined creativity, guiding practitioners towards a state of blissful ‘flow’ – a sublime fusion of effortless effort, action, and awareness.

Kevin’s versatility shines through in his public classes. Whether you’re engaged in an intense vinyasa flow, immersed in a slow-paced, detailed exploration of hatha yoga, or participating in his specialized ‘Yoga for the Back’ sessions, Kevin’s instruction ensures a diverse and enriching experience.

He attributes his development as a yoga practitioner and teacher to the invaluable lessons and insights he received from his esteemed teachers and expresses his deepest gratitude to Noah Mazé, Zhenja La Rosa, Jeanie Manchester, Jeff Fisher, Desirée Rumbaugh, Ross Rayburn, John Friend, and Todd Norian.

About Verena Siems – your support at the SHIVASLOFT Teacher Training
A key part of your daily experience at the SHIVASLOFT teacher training is the unwavering support provided by Verena Siems, co-owner and studio manager of SHIVASLOFT. An experienced yoga teacher herself, Verena is present for all parts of the training. She is trained in Vinyasa, Hatha and Anusara Yoga and constantly engaged in helping students, answering questions, and handling all logistical matters. Verena’s role is crucial in creating an environment where everyone feels content and supported throughout the training.


Are you interested in the teacher training and would like to get some more information? Join our info session, get to know us and bring your questions.

During the info session Kevin and Verena will introduce themself and the training and there will be plenty of time for your questions.

September 6th, 5pm Studio Flingern – Hoffeldstraße 31 40235 Düsseldorf


The Curriculum

The SHIVASLOFT Teacher Training curriculum is a comprehensive, in-depth program designed to equip students with a holistic understanding of yoga, from its core foundations to its subtle intricacies. Through rigorous training, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics, starting with yoga practice – asanas, pranayama, meditation, mudras, and mantra – and building towards understanding the philosophy, mythology, and belief systems surrounding yoga.

Our program utilises a unique 40-pose syllabus, concentrating on fundamental asanas that provide an important launchpad. This does not represent the entire scope of yoga or the training’s boundary, but rather, it acts as a sturdy springboard, initiating your journey into a deeper yoga practice.  Coupled with a detailed study of anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics, this unique approach sets a robust foundation. The comprehensive teaching methodology enriches your skills in effective cueing, sequencing, and dynamic demonstrations, equipping you to conduct impactful yoga classes.

Additionally, the curriculum includes elements of self-inquiry and empowerment, Indian mythology, yoga tradition, strategies for smarter practice, and even the business side of yoga.

Each student will also be provided with a comprehensive reader and workbook authored by Kevin, alongside two reference books to facilitate the learning process. We believe this structured approach will prepare you to instruct a basic level hatha and vinyasa classes confidently, and inspire you to continue your journey in yoga beyond the training.

/ Redefining Yoga Practice (80 hours)

– An exclusive 40-pose syllabus for in-depth understanding and teaching of key yoga postures
– Concentrated focus on Asana practice, both in Hatha and Vinyasa styles
– Pranayama (breathing exercises)
– Meditation techniques
– Incorporation of Mudras and Mantras
– Encouragement of self-inquiry, empowerment, and journaling


/ Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology, and Biomechanics of Yoga (35 hours)

– Comprehensive coverage of vital aspects for on-mat practice
– Techniques for strategising a smarter practice
– Guidance on injury prevention and management


/ The Yoga Tradition (30 hours)

– Exploration of Indian mythology and the yoga tradition
– Insight into the history and development of yoga traditions
– Detailed study of key traditions like Classical Yoga, Bhagavad Gita in the Mahabharata, Tantra, Hatha, and Modern Yoga developments

/ Teaching Methodology  (40 hours)

– Techniques for effective cueing and instruction
– Strategies for sequencing yoga poses into a cohesive practice or class
– Guidance on effective teaching, demonstrations, and student interactions
– Teaching with integrity and inspiration
– Instruction on teaching a variety of students from beginners to intermediate


/ Your Yoga Path (10 hours)

– Sankalpa: finding and supporting your highest intentions
– Tri Marga: understanding the three main paths of yoga
– The Four Aims of Yoga as a method for balanced life
– Techniques for developing mindfulness in everyday life
– Guidance on becoming a dedicated student and lifelong learner


/ Additional Topics  (5 hours)

– A study of the Subtle Body, including Prana, Chakras, and Nadis
– Advice on navigating the business side of yoga
– Understanding yoga in relation to pregnancy
– Guidance on sustaining yoga practice beyond training and staying inspired

Experience the SHIVASLOFT way

At SHIVASLOFT, we believe in the beauty of individuality. Our training motto encapsulates this ethos: “Come as you are.” Whether you arrive brimming with energy or juggling other obligations, we value and respect your unique circumstances. You are enough, just as you are. Here, you have the liberty to set your own goals and determine the pace of your growth. Our aim is to nourish your aspirations, all while ensuring you feel accepted and empowered.
Our approach to teaching is founded on the principles of empowerment and growth. We break down complex topics into smaller, digestible segments, enabling optimal comprehension and retention. Our goal is to ensure you never feel overwhelmed but continually inspired. Your guide, Kevin, brings a wealth of teaching experience from esteemed institutions such as the University of Michigan, the University of Texas, and the University of Colorado. His fascination with pedagogy and constant quest for innovative teaching techniques ensure your learning journey is both effective and engaging.
The emphasis is on fostering a vibrant community where interaction, cooperation, and supportive relationships flourish. Our trainees often form enduring friendships, extending camaraderie beyond the training period. Integral to this nurturing environment is our teaching philosophy, a structured step-by-step approach. We provide a firm foundation, guiding you from simpler techniques to advanced practices at your own pace. Concurrently, we cultivate a culture of constructive feedback, promoting mutual respect, upliftment, and consistent improvement, further strengthening our community bonds.
At SHIVASLOFT, we honour your autonomy. You always have the choice to participate in or sit out from any practice. If you are tired or exhausted, we encourage rest and observation. There are no forced activities, deadlines, or final exams to overcome. Our philosophy is rooted in your free will to act.
Experience the SHIVASLOFT way. Immerse yourself in a learning environment that respects your individuality, nurtures your growth, and offers endless possibilities for exploration.

Dates, Hours & Location


March 1st – 3rd 2025 – Carnival (Saturday – Monday 9am-6pm)


April 18th – 21st 2025 – Easter (Friday – Monday 9am-6pm)


May 29th – June 1st 2025 – Ascension of Christ (Thursday  – Sunday 9am-6pm)


June 19th – 22nd 2025 – Corpus Christi (Thursday – Sunday 9am-6pm)


September 6th – 7th – 6th 2025 (Saturday – Sunday 9am-6pm)


October 3rd – 5th 2025 – Day of German Unity (Friday – Sunday 9am-6pm)

The Training will be held in our beautiful studios in Düsseldorf.

Registration, Costs & Payment

Early Bird offer for the first 8 registrations / valid until October 31st 2024
Special offer for the following 5 registrations / valid until December 31st 2024
Regular Price
Payment by installments *
To register for the training, please send an email with your full address and contact details to contact@shivasloft.com.



After we have confirmed your registration, the full training costs of 3150€ needs to be paid within 14 days to secure your place. 


After we have confirmed your registration, the full training costs of 3300€ needs to be paid within 14 days to secure your place. 


After we have confirmed your registration, a deposit of 850€ needs to be paid within 14 days to secure your place.

The 2nd payment of 2600€ needs to be paid until February 15th 2025.

* Payment by installments is possible according to agreement


With your registration you accept our cancellation policy:

For cancellation up to 6 weeks before the start of training, 25% of the training costs are payable as processing fee

For cancellation made less than 6 weeks before the start of training 100% of training costs are due

Regardless of the reasons of cancellation, obligations for payment may persist

We accept “Bildungsscheck”

You might be elibigle for receiving a financial funding up to 500€ – check the conditions here

Continued Opportunities Post-training

At SHIVASLOFT, we don’t see the end of training as a final farewell; rather, it’s just the beginning of your bright journey into yoga. Your learning and growth remain important to us, and we offer unique opportunities to keep up your momentum and apply your newfound skills.
One such opportunity is our New Teachers Class. As a graduate, you’re invited to teach this class as frequently or as infrequently as you choose. There’s no obligation, but the platform is there for you to gain teaching experience in a supportive environment. These classes are kept running as long as our trainees find them useful. If demand is high, we’re open to offering multiple classes, further expanding your teaching opportunities.
Our commitment to you extends far beyond the training period. We’re always here to offer support, advice, and guidance. Kevin, known for his generosity, often dedicates his time to former trainees, aiding with a wide array of topics: from class organisation and overcoming physical limitations, to seeking out teaching opportunities.
Upon completion of your training, you’re not simply a former student, but a cherished member of our esteemed alumni club. You are always a part of the SHIVASLOFT community, and we will be there to assist you whenever needed. This is more than a training program; it’s a lifelong journey, and we’re excited to continue this adventure with you

A day at SHIVASLOFT teacher training

Each day of the training, we will embark on an enriching journey that accentuates on-the-mat experiences coupled with off-the-mat introspections. Our training program aims to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone, fostering personal growth and empowerment. Be prepared for a variety of challenges ranging from mastering subtle nuances, summoning the strength for bold arm balances, or defying gravity with inversions. But don’t forget, it is your journey, and you have the power to navigate your intensity levels according to what feels right for you.

Practices encompass a broad spectrum – from remarkably simple exercises to extremely challenging ones concerning flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance. Each step of your journey is carefully orchestrated to ensure constant success and progress. The majority of our days begin and conclude with meditation and pranayama, anchoring your experience in mindfulness and breath control.

We prioritise a firm understanding of the learning objectives. To that end, we regularly schedule review sessions to reinforce your comprehension. The morning session, primarily focused on practice, usually wraps up with this review, paving the way to a well-deserved lunch break. On select days, we promote a communal lunch, providing everyone with a delightful chance to demonstrate their culinary prowess.

Afternoons at SHIVASLOFT are dedicated to immersive learning experiences. We understand the ebb and flow of concentration, and we’ve tailored our teaching approach accordingly. We’ve instituted the “channel surfing” method, which involves engaging in focused, 40-minute learning bursts on a topic, followed by a short break, and then transitioning to a fresh subject. This method prevents information overload, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed with a single topic throughout the training.

To give you a glimpse of a typical afternoon, it may involve an insightful discussion on yoga philosophy from the Bhagavad Gita, an anatomical study of the shoulder girdle reinforced with a movement lab session, learning to instruct sun salutations, a meditation session, a review slot, and an engaging storytelling session about Indian mythology. This dynamic approach keeps your learning experience fresh and stimulating, ensuring abundant and significant growth on your yoga journey.

Sample Schedule

9.00-10.000 Review

10.00-12.30 Practice of Pranayama, Meditation, Asana

12.30-14.00 Lunch Break

14.00-15.00 Anatomy

15.00-16.00 Yoga Philosophy

16.00-17.00 Teaching exercises in small groups

17.00-18.00 Yoga Mythology / Story Telling, Journaling

 – including small breaks of 5-15min between topics -


  • Daily program balancing on-the-mat practices and off-the-mat introspections
  • Practices range from simple exercises to challenging flexibility, strength, and balance tasks
  • Beginning and concluding days with meditation and pranayama
  • Regular review sessions to reinforce understanding
  • Communal lunch on select days for social interaction
  • Afternoon sessions using “channel surfing” method to prevent information overload
  •  Typical afternoon includes yoga philosophy, anatomy study, instructing practices, meditation, review, and storytelling.

Join a class

Are you interested to join our Teacher Training but you did not experience Kevin´s teaching style yet?
Send us an e-mail and enjoy a free class with Kevin.

Frequently asked Questions

What level of yoga experience is required to join this teacher training program?

Enthusiasm for intense learning and a growth mindset are key to success in our training. You don’t need to perform complex poses, such as touching your toes in a forward bend or maintaining a plank pose, to participate effectively. We welcome individuals with varying levels of experience, ensuring all participants experience significant growth.

What styles of yoga does this teacher training program concentrate on?

Our focus lies in two styles: alignment-based Hatha Yoga and dynamic Vinyasa. The former builds an intelligent, empowering foundation for your practice, while the latter offers an energizing, cardiovascular experience through flow-based movements.

Can the teacher training program accommodate individuals with specific needs or injuries?

Absolutely! Our program embraces participants with all types of needs or injuries. Our aim is to provide tools for an empowering yoga practice tailored to your specific needs. In the supportive group setting, sharing our individual adaptations promotes collective learning, especially beneficial if you aspire to become a yoga teacher.

Can I join the program if I’m only interested in deepening my personal practice, and not necessarily in becoming a yoga teacher?

Absolutely! Every year, our training includes a mix of participants, some aspiring to teach and others simply wanting to enrich their personal practice. It’s not uncommon for individuals to discover their teaching aspirations during the course of the training. Rest assured, our program is equally beneficial for both cohorts.

What kind of certification will I receive upon completing the program?

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate from SHIVASLOFT YOGA including a Yoga Alliance certification, a globally recognised organisation. This means our training is internationally recognised and credits earned can be used in conjunction with any other Yoga Alliance registered training

Is there a final exam at the end of the training?

Throughout the training, you’ll receive continuous guidance from Kevin and Verena aiming to deepen your practical understanding of the learned materials. Instead of a “traditional final examination,” we employ a comprehensive workbook. This workbook, covering all topics, presents questions for you to complete between sessions. You’ll have opportunities to discuss and review your answers, fostering a deeper internalization of the course content.  Through this hands-on approach, we ensure the training isn’t about passing a single examination but rather a continuous journey of growth and understanding.

Will there be homework between the modules?

Each module includes a targeted homework assignment. Each of these tasks shouldn’t require more than approximately 2 hours.

Will participants of the teacher training receive a discount on SHIVASLOFT classes?

Participants of the teacher training will receive a 50% discount on Shivasloft memberships and 20% discount on 10cards during the teacher training from March til November.

Do I need to know Kevin´s classes and teaching style before registering for the teacher training?

Yes, we highly recommend to visit at least 1 class with Kevin before registering for the teacher training.

Will I be able to teach yoga classes after the completion of the teacher training?

Absolutely! We will prepare you to instruct basic level hatha and vinyasa classes confidently

Do you have any questions ?

Get in touch with us.


“After multiple years practicing yoga and a couple of years undertaking classes at Shivasloft with Kevin, I decided to take the plunge on a yoga teacher training. I did a lot of research and considered a number of options, and I have zero regrets for choosing Kevin and Verena to support me on this journey. Kevin’s knowledge, not just of yoga but of anatomy, the history and spirituality encompassing yoga and meditation, was beyond my expectations. I appreciated the approach taken to the course, with workshops spread throughout the year to give you time to read the materials, practice and build relationships with fellow trainers. I can only recommend the teacher training offered by Kevin and Verena, who have worked to build this course over multiple years to make it an incredible experience for those wishing to become a teacher, or maybe just deepen their own practice and understanding of yoga.”
Alana S.
“The teacher training at Shivasloft not only helped me to greatly progress in my practice but also gave me all the necessary  tools to achieve with confidence one of my dreams: to become a yoga teacher. It was an excellent experience where I always felt at home and gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and  be part of a beautiful community.“
Alejandra B
“Durch das Teacher Training, habe ich zu „meinem“ Yoga gefunden. Schon weit vor der Ausbildung war Yoga eine große Leidenschaft, doch erst durch diese intensive Zeit und die tiefen Einblicke in die unterschiedlichsten Bereiche und Facetten, habe ich gelernt und verstanden, worin diese Leidenschaft eigentlich liegt. Der gemeinsame Weg und das praktizieren in der Gruppe über so einen langen Zeitraum hatte eine magische Energie an sich, die ich nicht vergessen werde und die mich, auch über die Matte und Ausbildung hinaus, viel gelehrt hat. Dafür bin ich dankbar!“
Nina L.
“Das Yoga Teacher Training im Jahr 2021 bei Shivasloft zu machen, war definitiv eine meiner besten Entscheidungen. Kevin und Verena haben es geschafft eine tolle Atmosphäre herzustellen, die einen aus dem Alltag raus und in eine neue Welt hinein gebracht hat, und das ohne Abstriche in meinem Vollzeitberuf machen zu müssen. Ich habe während des Teacher Trainings nicht nur meine eigene Yoga Praxis neu entdeckt und diese auf ein nächstes Level bringen können, sondern auch gelernt, was es eigentlich bedeutet Yoga zu praktizieren, zu unterrichten, worauf es ankommt und worauf vielleicht auch nicht. Neben wunderbaren Menschen und neuen Freunden habe ich durch das Training mehr zu mir selbst gefunden. In einem Satz: Das Yoga Teacher Training hat mein Leben sehr bereichert. Ich danke Euch dafür!”
Anna W.
“Das Yoga Teacher Training 2022 im Shivasloft Düsseldorf hat einen besonderen Ort des Lernens und Miteinanderseins geschaffen: Getragen von der Klarheit des Unterrichts und der Warmherzigkeit der beteiligten Menschen, war jede Ausbildungs-Einheit umrundet von Wohlbefinden. Insbesondere das ganzheitliche Vermitteln von Yoga-Praxis und der genauen Ausrichtung von Posen, von Philosophie und Geschichte des Yoga hat meine Wertschätzung für Yoga vertieft. Dies nun an meine Schüler:innen weiterzugeben ist mir ein Herzensanliegen!“
Christina Irrgang (Yoga im Gutshaus, Dammereez)
“Thanks to Kevin and Verena and their wonderful YTT at Shivasloft, I now feel fully equipped and confident to lead my own first yoga classes. It was a wonderful immersion in a supportive environment, providing me with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to share the gift of yoga with others.“
Jacqueline P.
“Kevin and Verena create a trustful atmosphere that creates space for everyone to develop in his/her own way. I appreciated the professional, educational and conscious approach of the training. The skills and knowledge I gained are not only useful when practicing yoga, but also in everyday life.“
Pia F.
“Das YTT war eine ganz besondere Zeit und ich kann es von ganzem Herzen weiterempfehlen! An den intensiven Wochenenden schaffen Verena und Kevin einen Raum, in dem sich jeder in seinem Tempo entwickeln und erkunden darf. Mit seiner ungemeinen Präzision und Leidenschaft verwebt Kevin die praktischen und theoretischen Elemente, wodurch sie sich gut einprägen und in die eigene Praxis integrieren lassen, gestützt durch sein vielfältiges Wissen und Erfahrungen und so gibt es immer wieder Wow – und Aha- Momente.
Ein lehrreiches, berührendes, entwicklungsförderndes, lustiges, spannendes, fundiertes und noch so viel mehr bereithaltendes YTT!”
Anna B.
“Viel Spaß und Freude hatte ich bei dem lehrreichen und inspirierenden Yoga Teacher Training bei Shivasloft. Kevin und Verena bilden ein fabelhaftes Team, das die Ausbildungsgruppe auch mit Blick auf Voraussetzungen und Bedürfnisse einzelner Teilnehmer:innen sicher durch die Lerninhalte führt und für gute Stimmung sorgt. Es war ein gutes Zusammenspiel zwischen theoretischem Wissenserwerb und direkter Anwendung in der Selbsterfahrung gegeben. Es gab Gelegenheit auch in Kleingruppen das Anleiten intensiv zu üben. Jederzeit offen für Fragen und Impulse aus der Gruppe, bieten Kevin und Verena eine fundierte Yogalehrer:innenausbildung an, begegnen den Teilnehmer:innen immer sehr offen auf Augenhöhe und lehren mit Herzblut – undogmatisch, kreativ und humorvoll.”
Daniela B.
“Jeder Tag der Ausbildung war sehr schön, aufregend, entspannt, oftmals herausfordernd und ganz besonders. Intensive Praxis, klug mit der entsprechenden Theorie verknüpft, Anatomie, Geschichte, alles hatte seinen Platz und war wunderbar verbunden. Dazu noch ein Ort und eine Gruppe von Menschen, die sich wie ein Zuhause anfühlten. “
Julia H.
“I very much enjoyed the training with Kevin, the chanting in the old church to the sound of the guitar that Kevin was playing, having the first teaching experiences in the group and getting inspired by his stories. Also a great way to get better at your own alignment!”
Eva B.
“I am beyond grateful to have done the well thought out YTT with Kevin & Verena at Shivasloft. The welcoming space to learn, grow and be ourselves both of them created is unlike any I have come across. It was a pleasure and a most wonderful experience. “
Mara R.
“The yoga teacher training with Kevin and Shivasloft team provided a holistic approach which transforms my way of practicing yoga as well as deepening my understanding about yoga and myself and my journey! I couldn’t recommend enough the training with Kevin and the team! They created and fostered a safe space for us to grow and thrive with our own way and pace. Love it!”
Giang T.
The Shiva’s Loft Teacher Training allowed me to grow my Yoga practice and to develop as a person. The schedule of the training is ideal for those who want to combine it with a full-time job. The course portfolio provides a 360-knowledge base including the art of teaching, anatomy and Yoga philosophy. This was a transformative journey where I met incredible people who are now my friends. I am deeply grateful for this amazing experience!
Corentine A.

Join Us on this Transformative Journey

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with the SHIVASLOFT Teacher Training, led by Kevin Beavers. We invite you to delve deeper into your yoga practice, enhance your wellbeing, and become a source of grounded inspiration. Here, challenges are gateways to transformation, guided by our shared spirit and collective camaraderie. With your personal commitment, this unique approach fosters limitless growth and conscious change. Join us at SHIVASLOFT, and experience the profound difference in yourself.
To register for the training, please send an email with your full address and contact details to contact@shivasloft.com.