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Vortrag mit Janesh Vaidya / 26. September  2019 18-20:30h / Shivasloft Flingern


Unter allen Teilnehmern bei Shivasloft wird eine Reise zum Ayurveda Retreat in Südindien verlost

A perfect metabolism is the first sign of good health and it is depending on your intake of physical and mental food –  what you eat and what you think! 

While eating wrong makes you feel sick in your stomach and collapses your entire metabolism, thinking wrong makes you feel stressed, anxious and depressed and thus effects both your body and mind systems. 

Janesh Vaidya, internationally renowned Ayurveda practitioner and the author of ‘Die Mentale Kraft des Ayurveda’, explains in the two hour lecture how the most ancient medical system in the world can help you in this modern era, to understand your body and mind problems, and provides you with the simple tools you can use in your daily life to solve them by yourself. 

The lecturer will also give you the instructions on how to start with a 21 days health program that you can practice at your home without making major changes in your present life. Through this three weeks self-practice you can experience the benefits of this ancient health science in your life and see the difference in your energy levels both in your body and mind. During your practice, while your body starts to show the results through a better digestion, your mind shows it with more confidence, peace, joy and less stress.

For more information about Janesh Vaidya and ayurveda visit: www.janeshvaidya.com


Born in a traditional family in India Janesh Vaidya started his education in ayurveda in the early years of his life with his grandmother and extended his knowledge in the subject of Mana-shastra (psychology), Vedanta (philosophy), Dhyana (meditation), Kalari (Martial art) and Yoga therapy from the traditional village schools in South India known as gurukulam. Janesh Vaidya also has a bachelor’s degree from Mahatma Gandhi University and a master’s degree in human resources development. For more than a decade he has been traveling in Europe sharing his knowledge in the field of ayurveda through lectures, columns and books, based on his traditional knowledge in the subject and the experience in working as a practitioner of ayurveda around the world. Vaidya has done hundreds or inspirational lectures and so far he has written six books in the field of health, which has been translated and published in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Holland.

Janesh Vaidya, the MD (Managing Director) of Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village in Kerala, south India, is an internationally known Ayurveda practitioner and ambassador, lecturer and the author of best selling health books in Europe.


Kosten bis 31.8. 29,- Euro, danach 32€

29€ für Schüler und Studenten

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