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The building Blocks of Strength – Armbalance Workshop mit Brad Franco

25. Mai 2019 – 17-19:30h

ORT: Shivasloft Flingern Hoffeldstrasse 31

This workshop is centered around building more strength in your asana practice. We will be using BLOCKS to help learn different arm balances and movements in order to build extra strength in your shoulders and core. This workshop will change the way you look at traditionally difficult poses as we break them down piece by piece, through drills and techniques that are accessible to everyone!

 As with shoulder and core strength, we will be working on arm balances with blocks such as: Eka pada koundinyasana 1/2, Eka pada bakasana, lolasana, and even some surprises. You will leave this class with an increase in physical strength, understanding of how your shoulders and core play a deeper role in your arm balance practice, and learn more about your own personal body awareness to maintain a safe and stable arm balance practice.


About Brad

Born and raised in Southern California, Brad has recently moved to Cologne, Germany, in 2017 to further pursue his passion for teaching and motivating!

Brad grew up with a sports background starting at the young age of 5. He played competitive tennis and baseball throughout high school, finding his first job as a tennis instructor.

Brad has a wealth of knowledge from being a sports teacher and yoga instructor for the last 13 years, which has allowed him to define his own teaching style. He pays particular attention to individual self-care in each class, with detailed focus on breath to movement, and pushing past emotional limitations. Brad truthfully believes that each person ist unique, and the importance of yoga has to do with mental presence and physical process of going through each asana (pose) rather than the destination of the final asana.



Kosten: 35€ Euro bei Anmeldung und Zahlung bis zum 10. Mai 2019

40€ nach dem 10. Mai 2019

Shivasloft-Mitglieder erhalten 10% Rabatt

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