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About Manel

Manel Rodrigues is an international yoga teacher in Europe and beyond. From Portugal, Manel grew up near the ocean with a deep love of surfing and being in nature. He studied at the American international School of Lisbon and at the end of high school, Manel moved to San Diego, CA where he initiated his training in both yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with fierce dedication. Manel lives with a great love for life and enthusiasm for anything that makes life more auspicious. Authenticity is one of his visions thru yoga and community. Manel has studied with many teachers such as Michael Fukumura, Sianna Sherman, Jonh Friend, Jason Nemer that certified Manel as an AcroYoga teacher, and many other along the way in different styles and methods. Manel is also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu graduate under Sergio Vita, Icon Jiu Jitsu team, Portugal. He teaches with clarity and a overall intelligent approach to movement.

Manu Yoga School – Precision and flow yoga


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A small step for Ganesha – A big step for a Yogi This workshop will be based in the myths and stories of Ganesha. Manel will create in this class a Ganesha Namaskar (salutation) together with all the symbols and knowledge that will make us understand Ganesha better. Also understand that Ganesha is inside every person, it is our ability to remove our obstacles and therefore we will use some practical examples in how to build this energy, as well as meditation, Mudra and Asana.

SAMSTAG 23. NOVEMBER – 10:00-12:30UHR

A Shot of Sacred Nectar – Backbend Essentials This Workshop will be a very skillful and progressive work to evolve our backbends in a safe and delightful way. The proper preparation to backbends can really change our experience and backbends can be one of the most powerful aspects of our yoga practice.

SAMSTAG 23. NOVEMBER – 14:00-16:30UHR

The steps to success – Workshop for Teachers Teaching yoga goes beyond our physical practice. There are a lot of teaching technics and pedagogics teachers must understand to be as efficient as possible when teaching. This workshop Manel will share some of his most precious secrets in teaching that have proven to work in his students and teachers. Manel will offer some key steps that a teacher can work on to evolve immediately as a teacher and tools to keep on evolving. *pre-requisite: Future teacher or current teacher


The 3 Gunas – Qualities of Nature The Gunas are an essential part of the yoga philosophy that every yogi should understand and experience. Tamas, Rajas and Sattva are the 3 Gunas or qualities of how we can approach our yoga practice. As our nature and life shifts, the approach to yoga might shift too. This workshop explains how we can shift with nature thru the understanding of the 3 Gunas in an Asana class setting.



Bei Anmeldung und Zahlung bis 1.11.2019

36,- € pro Workshop

(Rabatt ab Buchung von 3 Workshops)

Bei Anmeldung und Zahlung nach dem 1.11.2019

42,- € pro Workshop

(Rabatt ab Buchung von 3 Workshops)

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